Everleigh Paige

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About Everleigh

Everleigh Paige is the author of numerous sultry and heart-pounding contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels and novellas, including the Amazon bestseller, Federal Affair; Cosmopolitan-featured Tongue Tied; and Watty Awards Longlister, Burning Desire. She is also the author of The Assignment, a highly praised crime drama romance that has stayed on the Wattpad Hot List for over two years. 

Everleigh is the president and chief executive officer of TimberWolf Media Group, an international literary and business marketing services firm that includes White Mountain Publishing Company and Evergreen Books, which Everleigh owns and self-publishes through.

Throughout her life, Everleigh has always enjoyed writing as a hobby, but didn't consider it as a career until 2013, when she decided to write her first novella. Shortly after finishing the story, Everleigh developed her own publishing company and began self-publishing eBooks in 2015. Since the publishing of her first book, Everleigh has continued to write, creating a joyous career out of what was once just a hobby at her kitchen table. She finished her first full-length novel, Federal Affair, in 2016. The book has since reached nearly a million reads on Wattpad as of summer 2018. 

Following the success of Federal Affair, Everleigh completed her next novel, Tongue Tied, in 2017, and the book was featured on Cosmopolitan.com as an "exceptional fiction story." In 2018, she released The Assignment, a seductive crime thriller, and Burning Desire, an exciting novel based around a love triangle. Both have stayed popular on Wattpad since their publishing, and Burning Desire will soon have a standalone sequel, The Ties That Bind, due to popular demand. Everleigh's sixth novel, Licensed to Kill, released December 2018, and her first cookbook, The Cozy Kitchen: a Collection of Family Recipes, is available for viewing on Wattpad now!

Everleigh believes a great book, a hard laugh, and long road trips are the keys to happiness. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, cooking, volcaneering (mountaineering with a preference in volcanoes), and photography. She aspires to write New York Times and USA Today bestsellers for the rest of her career - and travel all around the globe before she's 40!

Everleigh Paige currently resides in the mountains of upstate New York with her family and two rambunctious dogs, Charlie and Elee. You can also find pieces of her heart cemented in Chicago and Seattle. Everleigh's next novel, The Ties That Bind, is due out in March 2019!

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Get to Know Everleigh Paige...

● Everleigh's favorite book she's written so far is Licensed to Kill, but she's super psyched to write The Ties That Bind as well!

● The super-cop hero in The Assignment, Boston police officer Joey Cavannaugh, was based partially off of Blue Bloods' Officer Jamie Reagan, and Fifty Shades Freed's bodyguard Luke Sawyer.

● Everleigh's favorite book series is the Body Work Series by Sierra Kincade.

● Everleigh's hobbies include cityscape, astronomy, and nature photography; volcaneering; cooking; and traveling every chance she gets. 

  • Everleigh has two dogs, a Goldendoodle and a miniature Australian Shepherd. She intends to add another mini Aussie to her family soon!
  • Everleigh has spent the past decade exploring the US. She has been to 41 states. Her favorite places she's traveled to include Chicago, upstate New York (especially during fall), Florida, Seattle, and Boston. Everleigh tries to take 2-4 road trips per year. 
  • One of Everleigh's big goals in the next decade is to explore Europe. Specifically, she wants to see Ireland, England, France, Spain, and Italy. 
  • Everleigh typically spends about seven hours a day writing and drinking a whole pot of coffee (or more).