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"He was heroin and I was addicted."

Lead Agent Dallas David was as mysterious as he was alluring. His past was a secret kept safe under lock and key, and his future was always on the rocks with a target on his back everywhere he went. No one really knew the man beneath Dallas's confident facade. No one except Alpha Reconnaissance Taskforce Agent Natalia Dobreva, his clandestine lover and the woman who betrayed him. 
It's been four agonizing years for Tali, trying and failing to cope with Dallas's death. When an undisclosed source invites her to aid in an overseas mission that quickly goes horribly wrong, Natalia comes face to face with the ugly truth behind the lies she's been fed for years. 
In a race against time while she runs for her life, will Natalia finally receive the closure she's craving, or will someone else exact revenge? And is Dallas David really dead? 

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You loved him in Burning Desire as the sexy, confident love interest of Kate Crawford. Now, Jesse Reese is back with his own standalone - a sequel to the Watty's Longlisted novel, and a continuation of his story! 

After a spicy love triangle ends without him getting the girl, Jesse Reese is left to pick up the pieces of his broken heart and move on. He swears off relationships until he can get his career perfectly on track, blaming his company's falling numbers on his recent lack of focus on work. This only lasts a little while, however, once he meets beautiful, charismatic Vanessa Hamilton, his business partner's newly hired assistant. 

There's something familiar about this woman, however, and it doesn't take Jesse long to remember where he's seen her before: The pair mingled on a New Year's Eve flight to Minneapolis three years ago and shared a midnight kiss between strangers, knowing they'd never see each other again. 

Although Vanessa pretends she doesn't recall the event, saying he must be mistaken - it must've been another woman who looked like her, Jesse is positive that this is the girl from the plane. He doesn't know why she's avoiding the truth, but he makes it his mission to find out. After all, Jesse hasn't been able to erase that kiss from his memory for the past three years. Eternally intrigued by the woman who danced away with his heart in an airport terminal, the longing to taste her lips again is now an overwhelming blaze of need - a fire only Vanessa can put out.